A lot of the time I spent with you are my treasure

  • アルバム名:A lot of the time I spent with you are my treasure
  • アーティスト:AKR-FITW™
  • アルバムの価格(税込):¥1,500 (iTunes) / ¥1,600 (AmazonMP3)
  • リリース日:2016年07月15日
  • 販売元:Cyber Frog Recordz




  1. It'll be cool in the water sparkling (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  2. Let's go to the pool skipping work (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  3. Scent of summer grass / AKRimo
  4. Morning dew in the summer grass / AKRimo
  5. 風の強い日 (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  6. SHE'S SO UGLY (iP TEK REMIX) [feat. iP TEK] / AKR-FITW™
  7. I lost you above all important (Everlasting Love Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  8. Who loves you more than (Everlasting Love Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  9. Sunburn is to painful itchy (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  10. Terrible pain of tooth (NO MORE PAIN MIX) / AKR-FITW™
  11. Rain wet your hair, I'll wipe gently (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  12. Kaya's Dream (Everlasting Love Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  14. Pillow Talk / AKRimo
  15. A Midsummer Night's Dream (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  16. Sun shining burning in the sky of cloudless summer (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  17. What's AKRimo? (World Wide Mix) / AKR-FITW™
  18. KEH, AH, UH, (EXTENDED REMIX) [feat. haruxxx] / AKR-FITW™